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Case Study [Safeguard]

Safeguard Pest Control

A case study

The Problem

Safeguard Pest Control is one of 300 pest control companies in the Sunshine Coast region. 

They needed a way to stand out from their competition and grow their business. They also wanted videos to match their branding – a clean, efficient and professional service provider.

OTDF Production for Safeguard Pest Control Daniel Hickey Screenshot
OTDF Safeguard termite infgorgraphic and proposal

The Proposal

We at On The Day Films suggested a series of videos for Safeguard’s website and YouTube channel (the second largest search engine), that could be used for both awareness and engagement (email) campaigns.

We knew that videos are more likely to help website pages appear in Google Searches as well as giving the videos opportunity to appear on Google via Youtube.  

We worked with Daniel Hickey, Director of Safeguard Pest Control, to write the scripts, shoot and edit so the videos were just right for his business.

Safeguard Pest Control's About Us Video

The result

Safeguard Pest Control’s  web traffic went up to 7,000 visits per month.

Customers were lining up to buy (warm leads equaled easier sales conversions).

Client relationship building was faster because clients loved when the experts from the videos turn up to their houses.

Sales conversions went up by 38%.

Client testimonial

"Since working with On The Day Films our client conversion has gone through the roof! In the first week, every client that I sent our new Termite treatment videos signed up. The conversion from the video on our about us page has never been higher! When I turn up to a job, I’m instantly recognised, building trust and relationships so much faster. The high quality of the videos has also been commented on by our clients and is being associated with the professional service we provide. The high standard of both the execution and the content cannot be understated, so, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, don’t waste another minute!"

What can we do for you?

Let’s chat about where video might be suitable for your business.

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